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"Initially irfan knew a girl starts of friendship and this incident occurred in 2008 when it Ifan ... just moved from school to school pasantren to excel in the township, and entered the second grade at the time.
"Has been moved 3 months irfan high school, the girls suddenly enter a new junior high school and junior high unggul.Berhubung kebutulan one location. And when the meeting was Ifan gather with friends ...... suddenly by a girl in front of irfan, which is very pretty and cute. "Irfan immediately rebuked him with hope"
"Irfan wants to know she's more depth and moncoba to make of him as her boyfriend. Irfan was still sitting in school 2.kebetulan grade school level is the same girl in junior high at the same location.
"Hi ........... should contact Rita baseball ...? "Tanya irfan who want to know"
"Girl, cuwek wrote, and passed without answering questions irfan"Day after day went by, the night was come, the hearts and minds irfan remained fixed to the girl he saw at school, so could not sleep the night irfan itu.tak feel the sun came out from the eastern horizon
Time to wake up I hear the birds singing voice calling me ...I sat on the front porch ..see the beautiful flower gardens and trees around me ...

"I took a piece of paper to write love letters specially addressed to the girl he saw yesterday at school, leave immediately irfan prepare irfan move every step ..... irfan hearts and minds fixed on the girl.Arriving at the school irfan irfan eyes melalak cintai.dia see the girl he tried to approach her with calls, "Hey what khabar ................... ..............? "
"E ... e ..................! Abang tomorrow ....... ni ma guwe know ................................
"The deck may contact kagak .............. .............! "He asked hopefully irfan"
"Amit amit .............. deh! Guwe as you do not know anything .... "Rita replied prideful"
"Quasi want to contact again, we fit emang childhood acquaintance you know ......" ngeledek rita on irfan "
'Let It appears I was a kid you know .................. still able to love the you. "Retorted irfan"

"Eee ............. tingle you find another girl who fits the same aja kamu.aku baseball willing to have me. I do not know .......... selefel with you '" said Rita is full of anger while Melawati irfan "
"But irfan remain patient, in his heart he wants to have her love, although she refused him with harsh words. keep going day after day, one day irfan sent a letter through his love for her friend Rita. but the letter was sent through a friend rita rejected raw crude.
"One day Rita was really mad at irfan, irfan maki mencaki melalai nya.yang friend rita friends like the same kebutulan irfan, making friends with rita rita oral argument, because of Rita's friends like the same rina irfan.tapi IRNA love was not returned irfan
"Irfan find no hand phon hp through a friend that was in and irfan irfan can directly contact any rita.dan rita hp irfan
Hello ........ with whom ni .....! I asked Rita through hp'ni irfan ma contacts you want today. "Said Irfan '
"What are you nelpon here, what needs to emangnya da / her ma I is not no matter. 'Rita replied "emangnya not be .....? "Irfan said" even irfan asked, emangnya you have a girlfriend ....... dah? "Tanya irfan"
There are ......! Nanya Nanya gue.da you doing what matters ........? "Rita replied with anger" and then immediately close the hand rita her cell phon.
"Irfan was amazed myself because dah closed hand phon rita, feel ashamed of myself, it feels like screaming, screaming irfan. She thought to myself what I lack, what was so bad I'm so so bear eyes rita monolak ku.pada love it love irfan is really sincere the story.
"Irfan had no idea that so amoi see rita ....... Her slender body small mouth nose, olive skin, so perfect in the eyes of irfan.kalau rita refused to accept his CNTA will irfan irfan.seakan-better off dead, than his love rejected
"Day after day alone in the cafeteria irfan sekolah.kalau just some friends of his who would come near nya.dia menghindar.hampir irfan at school every day so, avoiding his friends.
: One day Rita passed in front of irfan, irfan look like a desperate man, Rita felt sorry for Rita was approaching the end irfan.Dan irfan.
"......... Bang! Own doing alone .....? "Ask Rita in irfan" oo-pa pa.Cuma baseball .... I wrote really sad. "Irfan said" sad why bang, emang there is a problem at school. "Ask Rita again" No problems at school deck, I just want to think about a girl who I love, but he's raw crude monolak aku.oleh
"Rita may I ask you .......? "What bang" you try to view my face, my face what seems ugly, "Tanya irfan on rita" ooo .... Yes, baseball is bang.kalau it seems I'm not ugly in your eyes, why do not you accept my love on you ...? Pertnyaan time bestowed upon it in Rita, Rita sat silent without a word to answer that pun.setelah rita got up from his seat and left alone irfan
"After his meeting Rita and irfan in school. at night at around: 0:21 pm rita irfan contact via cell phon his hand. Then direct irfan mengangkatnya.Hai Rita ......... what khabar? "Ask irfan" Good bang ....! Own brother ..... what are you doing? "Ask Rita irfan" marionette puppet deck again kept thinking about irfan kamu.jawab singis smiling.
"........... Bang! after all this time I thought about it I've been guilty of abusing the same brother apologized same abang.sekarang abang.mulai tonight setelus younger brother will love hearts. brother would forgive her sister the same error .... bang? "Ask Rita on wistfully irfan"
"You ask any Tampa I've forgiven her. "Irfan said with a sincere heart" that matters now we're at it from the first sam cinta.sebenar I really love the you sincerely. "Irfan said again" ok here is bang up to our first conversation, we see another opportunity for lagi.salam sweet brother and sister say good night so hopefully younger ........................... mimpiin! "Rita said on irfan"
"The journey of love irfan and smooth without a dispute rita what pun.hari after day continue to run almost a year already feels no love mereka.suatu day trip that morning, for some reason Rita suddenly that morning come to his house with a rice basket irfan to irfan irfan.Kebutulan at home is not his mother and father were irfan.lalu rita freely go back to the room irfan.
"Irfan was still asleep in the room in a state of not wearing a shirt with a pair of entrance chamber pendek.melihat rita rush rush irfan irfan come out, all of a sudden hand rita menghambar hand irfan irfan declined to place a mattress to sleep earlier. irfan could not squawking again. and went straight up the body rita irfan.
"One by one let go of her dress rita, so it was not a piece of cloth attached to the body rita. Irfan was not able to see the beauty of Rita's body is not so indah.terlihat sights he had seen during his life. Yellowish-white body tan that arouse birahi.lalu rita
"There was a game of two two human beings maya.seakan kealam Paradise entered the realm which they had never felt before nya.seakan-game they will do as husband and wife who sah.tapi somehow it all happened in a game they finished second mereka.setelah exhaustion of his helplessness,
"After a while they break rita got up out of bed, quickly dressed quickly and went on leave without saying goodbye to irfan.Begitu also irfan rush rush to the bathroom, clean the entire body.
"After the incident at home irfan, irfan stories and remains today as the day today as biasa.pada school was finally completed SMP.Tak rita rita coming soon a man came to his house that sat meminangnya.tapi rita does not answer anything as itu.karena who came not someone he loved, He is irfan.
"Two days later came another encounter rita perihai irfan said about men who want to apply seorangt it.
"Two days ago came a leleki to my parents' house, according to woo aku.bagaimana brother .....? "Ask Rita in irfan" Yes .......... lah.bagaimana up to you either by you. "Said Irfan"
"Well .......... why so answer me ma brother ...? What my brother did not love adek ....? "Ask Rita in liver upset" It's not that deck, not the brother did not love kamu.Aku still love you.
"I still love adek brother, brother adek should propose, and the brothers accountable for all actions to adek brother." Rita said with great emotion "It's not that deck, and not I do not want to marry you, but not yet I still menikah.Aku will continue sekolah.kalau Could you please wait for me .......! "Irfan said with a pounding heart" Eventually, Rita went home with a disappointed heart "
"Three months later Rita decided, and he received the proposal that came to the parents nya.Akhirnya rita to marry rita kenal.Sekarang that he had already had 2 children kesayangan.sementara irfan still continued his studies at Faculty of local nursing s1

"This story is a true story in a natural pair of teenagers
Rita's name and Irfan is a vague name written by author ""Author: ROESLANDY"Authorship: ROESLANDY"Editing: ROESLANDY
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