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                     PART 3Authorship: ROESLANDY

"This is a connection (to the section 3) Qu love story. But this time the author gives another title is: *** LOVE *** THE former lover to fall in love is beautiful. Beautiful .......... oh ...... its beautiful love"The love between two beings the same as married, they each had children of their beloved. After 12 years they split up, until at a certain moment they met. as if they were not at all willing to part lagi.namun whatever power they have become the property of their day lain.Hari to keep in touch. Berdosakah they love each other, if that is sinful ...?

"Who is guilty of this ....? Of course that's wrong is mereka.Dulu their parents love each other, love each other, but they must be separated from the parents do not approve of their relationship, so they had to part. It's relegi human life.
"A few months of their meeting they walked three times last week
with.dua pm contact andy via hand phond, wita said that he did not pass the test s2nya in Banda Aceh," Hallo .........! Bang I did not pass the test s2 in Banda Aceh. How to bang ..... "Ask pm at Andy" oh .. yes. try you are looking for no Rector, let me take care of me later, "says Andy"Nah not have "the pm" yes never mind if that baseball would "Andy said again"
"A week later Andy.Bang pm call again if I study how ...? "
question pm again." Yes I've offered baguslah.kan wita wita aja.malah field study in itself to reject it, you said on the field no s2nya.Wit ....! What you really want to lecture on the field, if it was going to college in the field let me find imformasi first. "Andy said in pm" Yes, I want to bang right dimedan.kalau college baseball at USU in swastapun so long as there is s2 biology majors, "said wita was" OK if it's true you want, kebutulan tonight I'm going to the field, I will find imformasi first. If there was at USU what I take out the registration form ........? "Ask Andy"Yes .. bang! brother immediately took the form and register.
"That night was Andy went to the field, upon arriving at the field, the morning Andy went to USU, Andy looking at USU majors penitia s2 registration biologi.langsung penitia met, the Bu .......! "Assalamualaikum bu." Mualaikum greetings "said USU penitia 'What is here bu s2 registration centers for biology majors ..? "Ya Ya who's going to college majoring in biology ...? "Ask penitia tsbt" There's my brother bu,, Where his people, he did not go Mommy, I just check whether imformasi still accepting applications? For biology majors are still open,

"Oh yes I kebutulan bu bu.ngomong media say the cost of his registration berapan bu ..? Only Registration fee of three hundred fifty thousand dollars (350 000), half the cost of five million rupiah (5000 000) per semester, and the cost of construction of four jutalima tens of thousands of mothers ripiah.oh ya bu try talking directly at my brother's mother bu.Lalu Wita.entah rose directly speak to what what was said to the mother.

"After speaking directly ibupun apparently talking to the father's wife is going to college here. I was somewhat surprised to hear the mother talking to me, if I am a wife pm. In my heart, yes I wrote what was said to be involved in the mother itu.yang wita all pass smoothly saja.dari important where you come ..? Tanya's mother. I am from Lhokseumawe bu bu, oh ya.kebutulan my husband used to work in Meulaboh. Work bu ....? "Ask Andy" Contractor, oh yes ma'am, a lot of money means the mother's husband you know! Bisalah I met him once in a while. "I jokingly said" baseball as well, the husband of the mother no longer his boss.

"Oh yes bu bagamana requirements for registration? Asked Andy" Here is where the registration boring, boring is to be paid for three hundred five thousand dollars poluh (350 000) and the boring should be filled in accreditation forms semua.Setelah I pay the Andy also said good bye to the mother penitia USU.Ya oklah bu I asked permission first, because I have to go back to Aceh.nanti bu we'll see you again.

"After Andy leaves the room mother penitia USU majoring in biology. Andy arise in the heart question mark, what is it exactly that same wita told her that I was her husband pm.

"In the afternoon Andy returned to the place until the next day
residence .to Andy drove his accreditation forms for the local time in Lhokseumawe. Because of their meeting in the city. Approximately at 10 pm they met, andy was first waiting pm at the usual place. Not long after phoning andy pm phond through his hand. Bang I've got to Cunda, I was waiting in front of the Mini market Cunda intersection. (Word pm)
"Ok I pick up now! Then the car was turning around towards andy where pm waiting for him. Arriving in front of the Mini Market, local time Andy was up to the car. Wit ...........! Where are we now ...? We go to school get a permit from the principal. "The word pm" pm After taking the letter the letter in the school where he taught, and they both walk again. Wit ..... What Rekom of the rector was taken ..? "Ask Andy" No. "And now we are where ...? Yes We go to the Faculty first, Take Rekom.
"Then Andy went to the car to the Faculty, the Faculty Arriving at the college where the local time, local time Rector of the encounter was dropped. How would I go see Wit Rector ...? "I do not have the word wita." Andy was waiting in the car. About 30 minutes, wita out of the faculty. How ready. "Ask Andy" Not yet "was told to take the diploma first, the new Chancellor will make Rekom.
"Then the car was headed home Andy local time, but that journey, they both feel a little hesitant, because do not see her husband in the pm. But they continue to walk together, whatever happened happened, they were already resigned to
all of of their love. Andy was for the love of wita, Whatever happens still accept the risks. Although Andy knows, What he did was wrong, because pm is another man's wife. But for the love and affection in the pm.

"Once the local time in the village, local time was down to take a diploma in his home, not long after wita Andy went back to the car. Andy's car was running toward the school again, Andy drove cars with ease, Wita play songs on mp3. Dadali sang the song about a former lover. I fell in love again ...... the first air spring ...... again, I ........ fall in love again .... my ex-lover. sin I fall in love again, love the ex-lover. As soon as we hear melodious songs are very beautiful. We drift into dreams of the past, but what happens is when ini.cinta ...... beautiful! Now blossomed again with a former lover."Not long after Andy arrived at the school and the local time, Andy is not willing to meet Chancellor pm incoming sender. Andy had come into the room Rector handed diplomas and boring existing Rekom inside. Mrs. Rector saw diploma pm, Andy was asked. "How do bu, IP Value was good baseball" Good said. "Oh yes bu teach where," asked the Rector "In Lhokseumawe Foundation. Well Aja bu, if the mother has passed a test at USU, the mother returned here, teach here so professors in our faculty, our faculty kebutulan the biology faculty shortage. His salary was okay here, when mothers do not hesitate to hesitate."Once an offer from the president to the local time faculty. After talking the talk with the Rector pm and Andy Rector said good bye to them. They come out of the room. They both got into the car to go home."Bang when we all fields. "Tanya pm""On Monday we wrote off.
Ok lah bang. Oh brother where pinch pm.Whatever you wrote Wit.!After that Andy was ushered into rumahnya.Andy pm went back to the village home."To further how romance to former girlfriend Read this true story on the next episode. For while the author BRIK first, because the author was willing to take a breakAUTHOR: ROESLANDYAUTHOR: ROESLANDY
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